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About Us

Here at Traction Tire, we strive for efficiency and success. Established in 1985, Traction Tire is dedicated to supplying top-of-the-line products at competitive prices. With over 150,000 tires in stock, we are able to deliver exceptional service with a rapid delivery time in the tri-state area. We know that a successful partnership is imperative to maintaining a lucrative business. Therefore, we have aligned multiple programs and strategies so our customers can benefit from using our services.With our top priority being customer service, we pride ourselves on creating new customer relationships as well as solidifying our existing relationships. Traction Tire has an exceptional and knowledgeable staff that is committed to making sure your company can thrive. Our employees go through an extensive training program and are committed to a continuous education.

EXPERT CUSTOMER SERVICE - Our knowledgeable sales team provides a fast, pleasant experience.

ONLINE ORDERING – Customers are able to easily order tires on our website.

FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY – Our express delivery service includes 75+ vehicles that have the ability to reach our customers multiple times a day within the Tri-State area.

NORTH AMERICA DELIVERY – We use a fleet of over 10 qualified carriers to meet all delivery needs outside our express delivery area.

INTERNATIONAL – We offer container programs and currently ship to over 30 different countries worldwide.